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Being Black Today Anthem

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A [Beautiful] People
An [Absolute] People
as God's Creation Consciously [Evolving]
Black Seeds ... Keep on Growing
The Main Ingredient
Our People Must Keep Growing
and Striving for Forward Movement
Love and honor all of [ our African Ancestors ] who lived and died under the scourge & oppression of slavery. It is their valiant and brave struggle for [ LIFE ] that made [ US ] what we are today. So keep on growing in mind, body, and spirit -- [ for them ].
People Get Ready
Curtis Mayfield & The Impressions
The Key: Have Faith
Love and Thank God
Faith is the key, the best answer and hope for all of us. Our salvation is a gift that will not be received by the [wicked] who would destroy mankind only to secure, and increase their own ends.
What's Going On
Marvin Gaye
Somehow We'v Got to
Find a Way to Love
Instead of fighting against, antagonizing, or punishing those who stand, kneel, boycott, or march in protest, strive to be more understanding. Listen to one another and stop being so judgemental.
Wake Up Everybody!
Harold Melvin & The Bluenotes
Our Children Are Our Future
and We Must Teach Them Better
The world has actually changed for the worse --- more people (millions) are suffering. The world is in the hands of the children. We must teach [ OUR ] children better, we must teach them well --- or it will only become worse for [ us ] Africans.
Ain't No Stopping Us Now!
McFadden & Whitehead
Let's Get it Together
and Find Our [Workflow] Groove
We've been held back and down by many things and still have a long way to go. The future is uncertain, but that, or nothing else, should stop (or stifle) our growth and momentum. Never give up!
Love's in Need of Love Today
Stevie Wonder
PSA: Evil is Spreading
It's Time to Love and Thank God
Around the globe millions (and an increasing number) of human beings are fleeing suffering and persecution, for non-existent homes and settlements. At this time, faith is the key for all of us -- the best anwer and our only hope. The [wicked] and [faithless], who would destroy mankind only to secure, and increase their own ends, will not inherit or receive of the gift of salvation.
Samm Henshaw
Featured: India Arie
India Arie
Prolific in Positivity
God is Love & The Light
Common, Erykah Badu & William Murphy
(2019 BET - Black Girls Rock)