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December 16, 2019
Now that the the 538 member Electoral College has been granted complete [autonomy] and [power] in deciding the President of the U.S., this is the exact type of monitoring and questioning required to ensure that they do not enjoy any luxuries provided by the influence and bribes to which they will (or have) succumb.
Time to Follow the Money.
December 5, 2019
Donald Trump's Plan B:
Is the U.S. President Preparing for a Military-Police State of His Own Design?
August 29, 2019
Electoral System Rigged Up by Federal Appeals Court?
2020 Presidential Election Marks End of U.S.A. Democracy?
We the People
The Constitution
The U.S. Constitution established the Electoral College for the sole purpose of electing the president and vice president of the U.S.
Vote America
Electoral College Today
In 2019, absolute power shifts from the will of the people to sole power for a mere 538 electors of the U.S. Electoral College.
State Capitol Building
State Legislatures
Each state legislature determines how and in what manner the state electors are chosen for the Electoral College. What, who are they?
African Population - 10 Million
Protests Against Corruption After $4 Billion Vanishes
February 2019
An estimated $3.8 billion fund, establish by Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez in 2008 to aid the Haitian people (and must be repaid), is reported "missing", sparking protests.
Over 8,000 Deaths After 1st Time Outbreak of Cholera
October 2010
1st time outbreak of cholera spreads rapidly among the Haitian people. A U.N. assigned Police Force uses negligent sanitation, contaminating fresh water resources.
Boy receiving treatment after Haiti earthquake.jpg
Over 2,000 Amputees Due to Injuries Suffered in Earthquake
January 2010
Over 300,000 Haitians were left injured after the 7.0 earthquake. Of that number, 100,000 were left permanently disabled, with over 2,000 having had limbs removed by medical amputation.
Our World
News: U.S. State of the Union
The Great U.S. Economic Recovery Squandered under Trump's Executive Administration
Reported by:
Sibile Marcellus
December 18, 2019
Yahoo! News
Informational Only
The Only Thing That Matters in (Romantic) Love
In the perfect world of our own design and making, we love ourselves to the most complete extent, so that, of course, this would be the inevitable and spontaneous outcome. God and Love both claim mighty and magnificent power. Do we dare attempt to harness this mysterious power, as He so encourages, promising that it is our True Inheritance?

People pin their hopes on all sorts of claims. Subscribing to the claims made by God and Love promises power, love, peace, joy and contentment. Hmmh, could this be true? Is a "life of glory" actually possible? How much power actually lies in the Power, Grace, Love, and Praise of God? The answer to these questions, and more?

TESTIMONY: just a little bit of love goes a long, long way.

PRACTICE: Praise and Glorify God for all --- the beginning, middle, and final aspects of your life -- for having a "life experience". Find a moment or moments to love yourself completely and unconditionally -- where you encounter no questions, doubts, or resistance to your being, you, just as you are, just as you always known yourself to be. Just go for it. You must see the bright light of your own life and love that and what that means -- according to God. And we all live according to something, of course. The struggle [which we should make very clear and basic to our generations] -- is not to let others [CANCEL] you, especially those more flawed than yourself. For who or what must destroy, annihilate and eliminate to "BE BEST"? What qualities are possessed that makes you so compelled towards destruction? We all know who and what, and what that indicates for the type of danger or peril we might find ourselves.

POSSIBLE SIDE EFFECT: As you begin shoveling and peeling away the layer upon layers of BS, you may find that you are a bit more cantankerous and persnickety. This too shall pass --- if you stay on the path of blessing, somehow.
From the Realm of Sybolism:
Freedom Sans Boundaries
Not such a spectacular thing, but a definite reminder of the amazing and ever present power and drive people have towards creativity and ingenuity. Questions that arise: (1) At what, specific critial point does the fact of sheer economic prowess (or lack thereof) begin to overshadow the more superior and significant qualities of one's humanity? Or, (2)at what precise point does the object become greater than and supercedes the being -- the creator of it? (3) What are the precise standards, methods, and intent applied for devaluing human beings and human lives, to the point of genocide, or the condoning of murders by supremacist and terrorist --- who might otherwise be "fine people"? and (4) What is the basis of hate, and what holds it together, sustains it and makes it an enduring feature of human life and existence?
October 8, 2019, USA
Human beings are designed to make choices, and as shown by the many examples in the Bible, some things are difficult to process as truth, no matter what's said, who says, or how often. RIP Joshua.
October 8, 2019, Congo Africa
The largest, ongoing ebola outbreak in the Congo Since 1976 in happening now. This marks the 14th month (October 2019) of active transmission of the virus in the Democratic Republic of the Congo's (DRC's) North and South Kivu and Ituri provinces. The Congo outbreak has caused over 3,000 deaths, recorded among the over 12,000 deaths in Africa, due the virus.