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Spectrum of Racism
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Couple says wife's race affected home appraisal | GMA
by carol
October 14, 2020

1st President in U.S. History to Openly and Publicly Hail, Celebrate, and Promote White Supremacy
by carol
June 28, 2020
It's a New Era in Time.   Donald J. Trump, the 45th President of the United States, became the first U.S. President in American history to openly, publicly, and unapologetically promote WHITE SUPREMACY while sitting as Head of State.

Lil Baby - The Bigger Picture (Official Music Video)
by carol
June 12, 2020

YelloPain - My Vote Dont Count
by carol
January 14, 2020

BREAKING The Dangerous Ones #VoteForOurLives | Eleven Films
by carol
July 02, 2020

Lebron James Releases 'More Than a Vote' Video Supporting Black Voter's Rights | NowThis
by carol
June 23, 2020

Karens' Have Been Going Viral. Here's Why They're Dangerous. | Think | NBC News
by carol
June 17, 2020

Dr Claud Anderson warns about Black Lives Matter's March on Washington | Your Black World
by carol
June 13, 2020
This post (nor any other post) is a full endorsement of content. It presents a range of important ideas, perspectives, and philosophies whose validity and relevancy must be individually decided upon. There may be many points that I personally disagree with, except for the sake of one that appears in the content.

Amanda Seales Has To Address Terry Crews Twitter Coonery!
by carol
June 08, 2020

Protests and the Necessary Caution
by carol
May 28, 2020
The wicked can

Traveling with "The Green Book" during the Jim Crow era
by carol
January 13, 2019