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The Africans
African Continent - 155 million
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The Brazilians
Brazil - 105 million
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The Americans
United States - 46 million
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The Haitians
Haiti - 10 million
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The Colombians
Colombia - 5 million
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The French
France - 5 million
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The Displaced Refugees
African Continent - 3.5 million
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The Venezuelans
Venezuela - 3 million
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The Jamaicans
Jamaica - 3 million
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The British
United Kingdom - 3 million
Guideposts for 2021
Social, Citizenship, & Black Autonomy
When About a Black Man
Billion Dollar Corporations Fight to Control the Social Narrative to Appease (or Influence) the Consciousness of the People

Control Technique Used: Mockery
Purpose and Intent: Make the subject appear to be foolish or inferior; serves as a signal to disrespect the authority of an individual

Warner Media > WarnerMedia News & Sports > CNN Worldwide > CNN News Channel
2019 Revenue: $181.2 Billion
Jake Tapper
0:36 President Obama "hiding" under an umbrella
1:00 Is there a more apt visual than this one? A U.S. Marine holding an umbrella over the head of our beleaguered Commander-in-Chief in the middle of a rain storm.
1:24 Extreme mocking tone: "Yes, bring forth the umbrella's unto me."

Fox News Media > Fox News Channel
Rupert Murdoch
2020 Revenue: $12.3 billion
Sean Hannity
0:17 Guest:  They have him covered. Wouldn't it be nice if he had them covered?
0:52 Sean Hannity:  Symbolic Moment: Marines coming out with umbrellas to protect him. Maybe in this case he should protect them.
1:11 Guest: Marines aren't suppose to do that because they can't properly salute.

CBS Entertainment Group > CBS Media Ventures > Inside Edition
National Amusements (80%)
Shari Redstone (Founder) (20%)
2019 Revenue: $27.8 Billion
Deborah Norville
0:07 President of the United States, Barack Obama, requested marines to shield him and a guest of the State, from rainfall with umbrellas during a news conference.
1:15 Obama-Gate is the term coined for the event of the American President and Commander-in-Chief of its armed forces having requested marines to shield him, and a guest of the State, from the rainfall with umbrellas.
In the Era of Gaslighting, Lies, Manipulation, & Deep Fakes
Modern Man of the 21st Century should Test and Challenge the Truth (or Falsehood) of Words Spoken, as well as Beliefs, Concepts, and Ideas Embraced
1:36 In the era of Christopher Columbus, about 530 years ago, there were many who believed that the earth was flat.
1:40 In these times, up until the 1500s, individuals and societies often failed in checking and testing the truth of any particular proposition, idea, or notion that was being popularized BEFORE embracing it as their personal truth.
2:05 It wasn't until Francis Bacon and Galileo in the 1600s where the idea that IF you are going to believe, say, or repeat something because it's "true", THEN no matter how obvious you think the truth is -- test it, prove its truth! People are not perfect and there could be something within it to fool and mislead you, in one way or another.

For example, don't just simply embrace "The earth is flat.", without the ability to factually explain how a lunar eclipse is able to occur.
It's the 21st century and it seems as if Deepfakes have officially entered mainstream media. I believe that I've witnessed a well-know interviewee on a talk show as a deepfake, a televised congressional hearing with a remote deepfake, a widely televised news conference with a deepfake speaker. And, even though the technology has been demonstrated, there is an immediate, strong and mocking gaslighting denial that they are slowly being integrated into public broadcasts and news reporting scenarios.   #Skepticism
Race: a Social Construct 
The idea of RACE was born from the need of Europeans to rank, divide, and distinguish themselves from others encountered during the height of global exploration and imperialism. Race is arbitrary and concocted notion intended to convey the idea that one's own life is of greater value than the life of another, evolved into a social construct.

social construct:  something that exists not in objective reality, but as a result of human interaction. It exists because humans agree that it exists.
Early Facebook Investor: Social Media “Companies Have Blood on Their Hands” | Amanpour and Company
January 13, 2021
“American Abyss”: Fascism Historian Tim Snyder on Trump’s Coup Attempt, Impeachment & What’s Next
January 13, 2021
12:33 Who was Involved in the Attack Against the Capitol?
12:53 Military and Police Involvement
13:44 The Big Lie and Those Who Plotted the Coup
14:56 What Must Immediately Follow Impeachment of President Trump?
15:18 All American Myths and Lies Must Be Dispeled by a Thorough Investigation with a Clear, Fact-Based Report Generated
15:56 What Is America's Best Course Forward?
16:00 What is the Future of the Republican Party and Donald Trump:
16:23 Donald Trump: Will most likely leave the country to avoid legal challenges.
16:49 Republican Party (The Gamers): The Gamers represent the largest group of Republicans and are those who work the system, manipulate the system with dark money, engage in voter suppression, gerrymandering, etc.
17:13 Republican Party (The Breakers): The Breakers represent a small faction of Republicans, like Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and Josh Hawley. This group has honed in on the fact that you can rise to power in the U.S. by undemocratic means
17:32 Republican Party (The Honorable Few): The Honorable Few are those who stand in defense of the Republic and its Constitution, people like Mitt Romney, Liz Cheney, Tom Rice, Dan Newhouse, Adam Kinzinger, Anthony Gonzalez, Fred Upton, Jaime Herrera Beutler, Peter Meijer, John Katko, and David Valadao.
18:44 What Type of America Can We Expect, Post Election/Insurrection?
How Fascism Works: A Warning for the U.S. | Amanpour and Company
July 23, 2020