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December 2019
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Self-Love Journey: Record #5 - Challenge of Emotional Dependencies
by carol
December 29, 2019
One of the first challenges faced came as a result of seeking connectivity, a stronger bond, and validation from a known individual.

Now that I've been completely rebuffed, I realize that I never want to put anyone in the position of restraining themselves from being direct, and forcing them into gently issuing me a polite

Self-Love Journey: Record #4 - Spiritual Battle Begins: Defending Oneself Against Exploitation
by carol
December 26, 2019
My path and my journey still remain clear at this point.  This is a brief, point-by-point summary of my journey thus far:
  • I was [led] through scripture at a specific time and in a specific sequence as part of God's blessing upon me, in answer to my prayer. 
  • The identity of God as my Creator wa

Self-Love Journey: Record #3 - Reconciling the Power of Memories
by carol
December 25, 2019
After my mother died (was murdered), I suffered (unknowingly) because no one ever "asked" me about her, no one connected to my family's circle (as far as I can recall) offered any empathetic or meaningful condolence, and I was never able to speak a word about her in memorial.  There was this isolation, but her funeral was beautiful a

Self-Love Journey: Record #2 - On Becoming Body Positive
by carol
December 24, 2019
The next unexpected turn in my journey was that I took an interest in my body. Unexpected because once I began to focus on it, I realized that I hadn't given much thought or consideration to it in quite some time, and was very much out of sync with it.

How I Managed to [Divorce] Myself from Bo

Self-Love Journey: Record #1 - The Prayer, The Truth, The Way, The Light
by carol
December 23, 2019
The Prayer
I didn’t know it at the time, but the quiet, unexpected impulse that prompted me to open and study the Bible was the beginning of blessing and the answer to prayer.

At some time, days or weeks prior to September 8, 2019 (the day of record), I prayed a heartfelt, near desp