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July 2019
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The Soft Coup of America: No Jail Time or Accountability for the Rich and Connected
by carol
July 16, 2019
The title is rather obvious of a well-known truth, but prior to this time that we're living, it's transparency was regulated as matter of plausible deniability -- "No, it's not that way at all.  Calm down."

However, with Trump's revamp of the democratic institutions (and character of the nation), it's like -- "You don'

The Canopy of God: Racism and Grace
by carol
July 14, 2019
I'm scared of me, because I'm about to offer up too much information.  But I am going there because dealing with racism (and other forms of bullying) can get very real in a very short time.

The Meaning of Life
I searched high and low for the “meaning of life”, and explori

by carol
July 13, 2019
Even though I'm getting the vibe that I'm here working on borrowed time, I think that I'm becoming more comfortable with this process that I've started to explore.  I believe that there is a good chance that it WILL lead me to the perfect realizations that I seek, and the answers to my persistent questions; and that my African identi

How the American Judicial System Should Work
by carol
July 13, 2019

With equal justice being one of the great pillars of American democracy, the smoke and mirrors (dark money and dark politics) involved in our judicial system should be totally eradicated, from corrupting one of the most essential foundations of a modern humanity.  True justice allows the opportunity for all to win at life, as part

Where My People At?
by carol
July 12, 2019
Crisis of Identity
I am experiencing a crisis of identity, in trying to define who we are as a Black People, and thereby define who I am as a Black Woman.

Should I Look Out or Within?
Is it a right approach to first determine who they are --- the enemy

Media Hit Job: Is Media Influence Intentional or Incidental?
by carol
July 11, 2019
As these stories and headlines began to unfold, I had raised eyebrows.  Now, that the intensity (and frequency) is escalating, I'm beginning to cringe.

In my past, I learned that everything is data, as long as it is collected, categorized and recorded, and so decided today to track and record some of the wackiness that

Fearful about the Care of Our Seniors
by carol
July 11, 2019
Housing Discrimination
I am concerned and worried about the care and well-being of our senior population, in regard to the availability of fair housing.

In the Southern California, an area which I am more familiar, Hispanics are majorly employed in all areas of business, across the board,

On Being Watched by the Neighborhood Watch
by carol
July 09, 2019
The Neighborhood Watch
I live on the second floor of a building inside of an apartment condo community.  The landing for access to the four units on my level covers no more than an 8 foot by 8 foot area.  And, this is the area where my neighbors, "The Neighborhood Watch", have installed 3 moti

Absolution: We Be Free
by carol
July 08, 2019
Human Beings, Not Animals
We are absolved from being crude, non-human animals, and being likened to and associated with such.  We think (and have reason, vision, & realizations), and therefore are the human beings that we know ourselves to be.  We are certain, without doubt or question, of