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August 2019
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Senator Mitch McConnell Addresses Concerns and Accusations of "Treasonous" Behaviors
by carol
August 16, 2019
Basically, I'm already convinced that the democracy has fallen.  There have been so many U-turns and detours that I don't believe it will ever exist as it once did, in times just prior.  But, that doesn't stop me from feeling amazed and flabbergasted by its decline.

The whole world of America knows that a foreign

I Hate to Admit
by carol
August 15, 2019
Despite feeling myself to be the target of deeply disturbing hatred, I see clearly, that outside of their manipulation by the power brokers, that those at the grassroot level are simply taking a stand and rallying to protect their interest in what they believe and hold to be dear.

[Unfortunately], this is the very same thi

America: African American
by carol
August 12, 2019
Natural Patriot
Long before you realize how sustainable and impactful racism is, American early childhood education instructs your awareness of being [a patriotic American].  Your first experience with indoctrination and brainwashing is [loyalty to country].  This powerful statement is made l

The Cultural Conspiracy of African People Self-Identifying As [Niggas]
by carol
August 05, 2019
Yesterday on YouTube I saw two separate videos of Black men from the entertainment industry being interviewed.  Despite anything that they may have done in featured films or cable (considering the character types African men are given to portray), they both [seemed] to have strong auras of [wholesomeness], anchored by family ties, wi