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530 BC
Mesopotamia (Persia)
Cambyses II King of Persia Son of Cyrus II
Cambyses II, viewed as a tyrant, a mad man , succeeded to the throne after the death of his father, Cyrus II.

Cambyses’ reign was successful: every square mile of real estate acquired by Cyrus II was retained, and to that already great empire, Phoenicia was added by treaty and Egypt by conquest, extending the Persian Empire.

Conquering Egypt
Cambyses II’s first military action was to invade Egypt. In 525 BCE, the Persian forces invaded Egypt and conquered the last remaining threat to Persian dominance.

In this conquest, Cambyses received help from Cambyses received assistance from Polycrates of Samos; from Phanes, a Greek general in the Egyptian army who gave him valuable military information; and from the Arabs, who provided water for the crossing of the Sinai Desert. After Cambyses had won the Battle of Pelusium (in 525) in the Nile Delta and had captured Heliopolis and Memphis, Egyptian resistance collapsed.

Cambyses, like his father, was merciful to the people and the gods of Egypt. He did not massacre, enslave, or deport the Egyptian inhabitants; instead, he welcomed them as fellow Persians.