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1945 . 08 . 14
Korea Becomes a Divided Nation: 30-Year Control of Korean Peninsula Lost to Russia and the U.S.
The Japanese held control of Korea continuously for 30 years, until forced to surrender to allied forces, bringing an end to World War II.

U.S. Occupies the South
Russia Occupies the North
After Japan's defeat, United States troops moved to occupy the southern half of Korea, while Russian forces occupied the northern half -- each formed separate governments in their occupied half of the country.

For the two years following, the United States, Russia, the two Korean governments and Britain tried to develop a plan for reuniting Korea.  But their attempt at cooperative effort failed, and the problem was submitted to the United Nations (UN) in 1947.

Russia Refuses to Yield to the United Nations
The UN devised a plan to supervise an election to choose one government for Korea, but, the Russians refused to allow UN representatives into the north.

UN Works to Form the South Korean Government
Without cooperation from Russia, the UN supervised an of a national assembly in the south.  This national assembly drew up a constitution and elected Syngman Rhee as president of the newly formed Republic of Korea.

Russia Forms the North Korean Government
Approximately one month after the formation of the South Korean government, communist Russia announced the formation of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

Russia and the United States Remove Their Troops from Korea
In December, 1948, Russia announced that all its troops had left Korea.  The United States announced all of its troops withdrawn from South Korea in mid-1949.

Meanwhile, each of the newly formed Korean governments claimed sovereignty over all of Korea.