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The Korean War: Russia and U.S. Establish Two Koreas after Victory Over Japan Leading to Civil War
After Japans surrender and the subsequent end of World War II,  the Korea territory that they once controlled was taken over and occupied by Russia (in the north) and the United States (in the south). 

North Korea and South Korea Established by Foreign Powers
Russia established a North Korean government, and with the help of the United Nations, the United States, established a South Korean government.  

Sovereignty Claimed by both North Korea and South Korea
Soon after they formalized the two separate governments in Korea,  the United States and Russia announced, over time, that they had removed all of their troops.  Each of the governments that they left behind claimed  sovereignty over all of Korea, and became involved in many border clashes. 

Civil War Begins: North Korea Invades South Korea
In June, 1950, North Korean troops invaded South Korea, to begin the Korean War.

Their civil war, soon involved the most powerful Communist and non-Communist nations in the world.

The Weak South vs the Strong North
Each Gains Powerful Allies
The division of Korea left the South weak economically and militarily.  It had very little industry and very few electric power plants.

The North Koreans had about 135,000 men in their army, many who had fought for China and Russia during World War II.  North Korea also had airplanes, artillery, and tanks.  The South Koreans, on the other hand, had an army of about 95,000 men, mostly whom were untrained and inexperienced.

However, with support of the Member States of the United Nations, including the United States who contributed over 700,000 troops, South Korea was greatly strengthened.  

China, on the other hand contributed a million additional troops to North Korea.