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The Three Kingdoms of Korea
Chinese Maintain Control of Most of Northern Korea
China conquered the northern half of the Korean peninsula in 108 BC, and established four territories there.  However, by 75 BC, Korean tribes had won back all territory, except for the territory of Lolang, which remained under Chinese control.  The Chinese would go on to control Lolang for nearly 500 years.

Korean Tribes Unite to form the "Three Kingdoms" - Koguryo, Paekche, and Silla in Unoccupied Territory
During the 100's, several Korean tribes united and formed the state of Koguryo, in the northeastern part of the peninsula.  Within the next 100 years, or so, the state of Paekche was formed in the southwest, and Silla in the southeast.

Koguryo Conquers Lolang Gaining Full Control of Northern Korea
In 313, Koguryo conquered Lolang to gain control of the northern half of Korea, but maintained close relationships with China.  Influenced by the Chinese, Buddhism became the chief religion of all Three Kingdoms.

Silla Conquers Paekche and Koguryo Gaining Full Control of the Entire Peninsula
In the 660's Silla conquered Paekche and Koguryo to gain full control of the Korean peninsula.

With close ties maintained with China, for the next 200 years, Korean art and learning flourished under the influence of their neighbor.

The Unified Government of Koryo (Korea) is Born
By the 800s, Silla was brought to collapse due to constant fighting between warlords to gain control of the the peninsula.

In 936, a general name Wang Kong was able to reunite the country, and he renamed the country Koryo.

The government of Koryo worked to improve education.  It built schools and encouraged the development of printing to make more books available.