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1392 . 01 . 10
The Yi Dynasty Korea Regains Its Freedom from Mongol Rule
After regaining its freedom, two primary groups fought for control of the peninsula for over 20 years.

General Yi Songgye Captures Koryo, Changes Name from Koryo to Choson, and Establishes New Dynasty
In 1388, a general named Yi Songgye led his troops to victory, and four years later, in 1392, he became king of Koryo.  Once he became king, Yi renamed the Korean peninsula Choson.  A name Koreans would use to identify themselves for centuries, until the 1940's.

Buddhism No Longer Observed
One of Yi's goals was to eliminate the power of the Buddhist church, which had existed for over 600 years. Buddhist temple lands were confiscated, and Confucianism was established as the state "religion."

Strict Divisions Between Social Classes and the Outside World
Under Yi, there were strict social divisions, based upon social status and occupation. Positions in government were limited only to the upper class. It was under Yi that Koreans began to embrace isolating themselves from most of the outside world.

A Strong and Unified Korea
Yi and those who followed him reunited Korea.