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1590 . 01 . 01
Japan Invades Korea but is Driven Back
The Japanese, sweeping over the countryside with great force, made several attempts to conquer Korea. They made repeated large-scale, swarming attacks, while the Koreans engaged in a form of guerrilla warfare and commanded the sea battles between the two countries. The Yi Dynasty was able to withstand the Japanese in each of the bloody battles, until they fully retreated.

The Korean victory, however did not come without cost.  In the course of the seven-year struggle, great numbers were slaughtered all over Korea.  Population decreased drastically, entire villages disappeared.  The majority of their cultural treasures were destroyed by fire.

The Korean people were plagued by famine and disease, and their suffering prompted many uprisings.

Military Advancements
Battles against Japan brought advancement in military tactics and new weaponry for Korea.  They developed a mobile rocket launcher and a "heaven-shaking explosive shell".