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1948 . 03 . 13
North Korea
1st Leader of Soviet Union Controlled North Korea Government
At the end of World War II, Russia and the United States, split the Korean territory, once controlled by Japan.  Russia claimed dominion of Northern Korea, the United States claimed dominion of Southern Korea. 

Communist Russia established a new government in North Korea, and the United States, with the help of the United Nations, established a new government in South Korea. 

Kim Il Sung became the first leader of communist North Korea.

Under Kim Il Sung, the government took farmland from wealthy landowners and gave it to the farmworkers.  He also took control of most industries.

In the 1950's, Kim's government organized all of the country's farmland into collective farms.

Kim's government operated as a strict dictatorship.  It carefully limited freedom of speech and of the press.  It decided which citizens would receive a higher education.  Kim's government even decided where people would live and work.

In 1977, the government announced that Kim's eldest son, Kim Chong (aka Jong) Il, would become president after Kim's retirement or death.