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2018 . 06 . 04
Russian Counter-Sanctions Retaliate Against the U.S. and Its Allies
Putin Signs Legislation
Russian President Vladimir Putin approved a bill approved by Russian lawmakers last month that is intended to defend Russia's "economic interests and security". The bill was drafted by State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin and the heads of all four parliamentary caucuses. It was drafted in April after the U.S. Treasury Department placed 24 Russians, including 14 corporations on a sanctions list.

Ties Can Be Severed with Unfriendly Countries
The legislation gives Putin the power to sever ties with unfriendly countries, and to ban trade of goods with those countries.

Russian Citizens Not to Be Impacted by Legislations
Even though the legislation intends to force firms to choose between doing business with Russia or with Russia antagonists, it carefully avoids hurting the Russian economy and dealings with current business partners. The countersanctions do not apply to imported essential items needed by Russian citizens, for which no replacements are produced in Russia.