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Ann Cole Lowe
1898 - 1981
1st Nationally Acclaimed Black Fashion Designer

The one-of-a-kind designs made by Ann Cole Lowe were very popular among high society for about 40 years.  In 1953, she designed Jackie Kennedy’s wedding dress and gowns for her bridal party. Her designs are in the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Jackie Kennedy Wearing Gown
Designed by Ann Cole Lowe
Lowe’s great grandparents were a slave women and an Alabama plantation owner. She gained an interest in sewing from her grandmother and mother, who were both seamstresses for the first families of Montgomery and other members of high society.

After a failed marriage, Lowe and her son move to New York City, where she attended S.T. Taylor Design School. The school was segregated and Lowe was required to attend classes in a room alone. After graduating in 1919, she moved to Tampa, Florida t open her first dress salon. Later returning to New York, she work for many of the high-end department stores.